I want to know detail about cloud computing.

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Hello there,

I have a lot of interest in information technology. As far I have come to know about cloud computing. But I want to know details about it. Such ,how it works and how to operate.

Anyone from any parts of the world, can you help me out to inform me in a descriptive way about cloud computing. You can suggest me any website, journal or book for that.

Thank You.

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I want to know detail about cloud computing.


Assuming you are the CEO of a certain company. One of your tasks is to assure that all employees under you can have an access to hardware and software that they need for work. You have to provide each of your employees a computer and you have to buy licenses software if they need it to use on their job. You need to do this again every time you have a new employee in your company.

In next to no time, you will not have to buy new equipment's or tools every time you need it to provide your employees what they’ve needed to perform their jobs. You don’t have to buy and install new application for each computer you will purchase. You will load just one application and all your employees will use this web-based service application that they needed for their job. This is called the “Cloud Computing” a desktop, notebooks; Hand helds etc. can access this information via the Internet. Your computer will not do the heavy task when running an application. The cloud’s network will do the rest you’ll just need to run the web browser in order to access the information on the server.

You have also an experience in cloud computing. If you have any e-mail account like Yahoo Mail wherein it is a web-based e-mail, you do not use your computer as storage for your mails; it is the computer cloud service that you use.

But with this Cloud Computing, the client doesn’t have any rights to take a hold on what they are using, because they are just renting it or what they call subscription service. Compared to buying software it is the most inexpensive. Companies would greatly benefit to this instead of buying more software they will just reserve this money to focus on some important part of their business. With Cloud Computing it is a very convenient way to access services without hardware that you will use for a particular application or information. You won’t need to use physical storage on your computer to use a certain application because these applications can be accessed via the Internet that’s why consumers don’t need to download and install applications that they want.

Most of the big companies are now using Cloud Computing services like Microsoft, Amazon, Dell etc. they are now offering their clients cloud-based services. Cloud Computing dominates the industries rapidly. Experts say that it is just a common utility computing that evolves, like a virtual servers that you can have over the Internet. It is what you received outside your network. Whatever the definition may be, it allows the consumers to spend less, it gives them an error free and reliable.

You can read more about Cloud Computing through this page:

Cloud Computing academicroom



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I want to know detail about cloud computing.


So you want to know the calculating cloud this can provide information

  • CLOUD COMPUTING is concerned by use and access multiple computational server via the (world wide web WAN) digital network-based cloud users can access using the notebook, the equipment pad, computer, smart phone and other devices.
  • Defer classic customers providing applications from a server that is run and managed by the client web browser with not installed with the version of the required application clients.
  • Cloud user needs a client how portable device or desktop computer or other resources with web browser to access the cloud system via World Wide Web. Usually is recorded in the cloud in the service provider as your employer.
  • Describe as a new, delivery model and supplement consumption of internet protocol-based its services.
  • Cloud computing providers deliver the request via the internet, which have been from a web browser access and business software and data are stored on the server at the remote location.
  • Many cloud computing infrastructure is made of services delivered to shared data center and the cloud can display as a single point of access for consumer computing needs.


  1. Safety information and the privacy of the user
  2. International, the policy and economic problems
  3. The continuity of the service
  4. The problem of data by changing the cloud provider

• Key characteristics of cloud computing is that it is the cloud computing, processing, known or static site is not specified.

• Cloud computing is called the natural evolution of the wide spread of the services-oriented architecture, regional aquaculture, utility computing and virtualization.

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I want to know detail about cloud computing.



Hello Shoyeb666,

Cloud computing is a network system that uses computing resources like hardware and software to deliver the best service among the client over the Internet. The name comes from its cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure. It has a system diagram to perform a specific task. Cloud computing ensures remote services with a user's data, software, communication, transfer to others and computation.

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