I want to know that about the software

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What is development software?

What is it used for?

What's significant about it in today's world?


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I want to know that about the software


Software development or software design, application development is a growth progress of a software. It is used to identify the activities of programming which is more on encoding.

But in a extensive sense, it is about the idea or concept of a software up to its final manifestation, preferably in a premeditated and systematized process. So it involves in researching, improvement, adjustment, engineering, upholding and more that shows the outcome of a software.

It is being used on various purposes. The most common is to converge the certain needs of a client or a business, to converge the needs of a possible users, or can also be for personal usage.

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I want to know that about the software


Generally, Software Development is the improvement, development, advancement, or progress in creating a software product. It is also known in other terms, like for example:

  • Application development
  • Software design
  • Designing software
  • Software application development
  • Enterprise application development
  • Platform development

The term “software development” may be referred to the events being done in computer programming where the source code or program script of the software is being written.

But in a wider meaning of the term, it consists all that is involved from the conception of the wanted software up to the final demonstration of the application. All processes are structured and planned.

So, we can say that software development composts of the following:

  • Research
  • New development
  • Prototyping
  • Modification
  • Reuse
  • Re-engineering
  • Maintenance and any other activities that resulted in software products.

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