I Receive GameGuard Error 405

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Like what I usually do during free time, I play online games and I have several games on my computer. Few hours back I tried to play one game. The game launcher started pretty good as usual and I was able to log in to the game.

Now, when I tried to get into a dungeon to do my quest, this error code “405” appears on my screen and logged me out of the game. Please help.

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I Receive GameGuard Error 405


Error code “405”, in GameGuard, has something to do with an invalid timestamp. This error code is some kind of a “failsafe” when trying to enter dungeons. This is to prevent “bots” from entering dungeons using fake or forged packets.

All instances of this error can be traced to either multiple people in a team or party trying to enter a dungeon simultaneously or the users’ connection is unstable because there is too much uploading/downloading happening on their network. To fix the problem, check your connection status to see if you have a weak connection.

In “Cabal Online”, you will know you have a bad connection if the “ping” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen is in red color. Green color indicates a good connection while a yellow color may indicate a moderate to slow connection. If you are playing the game with a wireless connection, make sure you are not too far from the Wi-Fi router.

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