I-phone vs Galaxy tab S II

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Which is better to use or buy?

Which is cheaper?

or friendly-user and easy for web browsing?

More downloadable games?

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I-phone vs Galaxy tab S II


Hi Anonymous,

We all know that Galaxy tab is much cheaper than Apple i-phone but they almost have the same features.

For me, I would choose Apple i-phone because it is proven and tested.

I don't care how much I am going to spend as long as the product has high quality and satisfies me.

Although galaxy is temping because it is cheaper, I will still buy Apple product because galaxy is hard to adapt. 

This is really a matter of choice. It really depeneds on the person. If you want high quality product, choose iPhone.

If you can't afford iPhone, well Samsung galaxy is not bad.


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I-phone vs Galaxy tab S II


Hi there!

iPhone 4S and Galaxy Tab SII are the two most talked about smart phones these days. Some people might find it hard to choose which among the two really has this “X – factor”.  

Well, to help you decide which is which, here is a quick review on both phone’s features.

SIZE– iPhone 4S measures 4.5” H x 2.31” W x .37” D and weighs 4.9 ounces. The Galaxy S II measures 5.11” H x 2.71” W x .37” D and weighs 4.77 ounces. Conclusion: Galaxy S II is bigger in size yet lighter than iPhone.

DISPLAY- iPhone 4S shows off with a pixel density of 326ppi with 640×960 resolution. While the Galaxy S II featuring its bright AMOLED display, has 216ppi pixel density on a 480×800 resolution. Conclusion: iPhone has an advantage on this spot.

OPERATING SYSTEM– iPhone 4S runs on IOS 5 whereas Galaxy S II functions on Android. IOS is said to be the effortless to use with its Multi-Touch element designed to be “finger – friendly” and of course, with its talk – of – the town voice command control feature, Siri.

Android, on the other hand, being so customizable and with its “Swype” keyboard which allows easy gliding on the keypad asserted to be more improved and polished. Conclusion: Both operating systems have upgraded their qualities to better meet up buyer’s needs. But anyone would definitely say that they would want the iPhone 4S especially because of Siri.

PROCESSOR– iPhone 4S has a processor of A5 dual core giving it a prompt response when initiating apps and browsing the web. But Galaxy S II with its bragging processor of 1.2 GHz dual core ARM Cortex A9 grants speedy performance devoid of impediments. It would not stagnant numerous running apps and offers very quick web browsing without delay on loading even “heavy” apps. Conclusion: Galaxy Tab SII prevails.

STORAGE– iPhone 4S has the utmost capacity of 64GB on hand as Galaxy S II with presently 16GB but it does have a microSD card slot that stores 32GB more having a total of 48GB. Conclusion: iPhone possesses the best storage capacity.

CAMERA– Both iPhone and Galaxy SII has 8MP rear camera and 3264 x 2448 photos with 1080p HD videos at 30fps. Nevertheless, Galaxy SII has a LED flash, digital zoom, auto – focus, and a 2MP secondary camera compared to iPhone with only VGA camera. Conclusion: Galaxy SII wins.

APPLICATIONS- iPhone has Apple iPhone app store. Samsung Tab SII has Google Android Market. iPhone apps are inclined to supply an enhanced user familiarity and better – looking but Android apps have more options and choices to offer the public. The Galaxy S is better with 3.0 A2DP Bluetooth while iPhone with 2.1 A2DP. iPhone lacks on both 2.2 Adobe Flash support update and FM radio which Galaxy SII has. Conclusion: Galaxy SII rises up with these advantages.

PRICE– iPhone price ranges from $200 – $800 depending on the storage. Galaxy Tab SII is estimated to be around $200 – $500. Conclusion: Galaxy SII is cheaper than iPhone.

I hope these facts I presented serves your purpose.

Thank you,


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