I need vmware easy free web proxy

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I need VMware easy free web proxy. Which settings I need to apply on my pc for getting the internet access by server proxy in guest machine of VMware?

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I need vmware easy free web proxy


Hello Jai,

Setting up and giving internet access via proxy server to VMware guest machine is very easy with following steps.

  1. Make sure guest OS network type is set to NAT.
  2. Leave the IPv4 address to obtain automatically in guest machine.
  3. Now give the proxy setup on internet browser in VMware guest machine.
    (In Internet explorer, Tools -> Internet Options -> Connection -> LAN settings -> Proxy Server)
  4. Internet will be working now in guest virtual machine. Proxy server will detect as requests coming from physical host computer.

Also, guest can communicate internet proxy server if you select ‘Bridged’ network type. But, in this method guest virtual machine should have a same IP address range as host machine either manually or automatically. Then you have to add the new IP address of guest machine to internet proxy server to allow internet access which will have extra work.

Happy Computing.

Jack Hostler.

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