I need some basic android objective questions.

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Hello techyv,

I need some basic android objective questions. I am doing some research paper regarding this new Android operating system which is very popular nowadays. I also need some of your opinion regarding Android, its features, ability, advantages, disadvantages and main purpose. I have to get some online survey to make it more appealing to my professors.

Expecting some help from you guys. Thank you.

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I need some basic android objective questions.


Hi Martha,

The main feature of   Android is it has the most useful interface of the available operating systems, with many options and a lot of flexibility for setting it up to meet your needs.

You can customize and control. These are the main attraction of Android OS.

The main advantage is free, easy to use and understand and GUI based.

The disadvantage is as cloud computing become more popular it will degrade Android.

You can find many objective questions by this link.



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I need some basic android objective questions.



Here I am to provide you with basic android objective questions.

Here is a list of basic questions you need:

1. The android's applications usually will located in what once it is installed?

2. The type of parents activity?

3. Define Direct subclasses of Activity.

4. Define the opposite of Direct subclasses of Activity.

5. How many times needed for content Provider will activated?

6. How large is the screen size of android?

7. What is the screen densities of android?

Here is my opinion about android. Android makes life better for us who live in modern era. It consists of Play Store which is quite convenient. It has the ability to operate under various types of operating systems like Jellybean. The main advantage is the users can do their tasks daily much easier. I guess there is no disadvantage at all.


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