I need some advice about Active Directory

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Hello I'm working as a system admin.  I have the following two questions about Active Directory:

  • When a user logs on to the system using the active directory, they log on to the AD(NTDS.DIT) database. Can you tell me where the AD(NTDS.DIT) database is located ? Is this separate from SQL server database? How do you access the AD(NTDS.DIT) database?
  • How do you connect the AD(NTDS.DIT) database to SQL server 2008, if their databases are located at different locations?

Can some one explain the above two questions.

Thank you.

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I need some advice about Active Directory


Hello new admin,

For the question no 1 you mentioned, practically they don't physically log into the database, rather into Active Directory services or more specifically to the Domain. If they login to domain and for the local clients it is the local computer ( local System ) its not the Active Directory.

The location of AD ( default is C drive and the path is C :WindowsNYDS)NTDS.) is by default C: because you installed the O/S and other services by default in C: drive.

In response to your second question, how do you connect the Active Directory ( NTDS.DIT ) DB ( database ) to SQL server 2008 if the databases reside in different physical locations ?

That's a little bit confusing for me and also NTDS.DIT is NOT readable for SQL . 

That's the point. 

Hope my answers help you.


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I need some advice about Active Directory



When a user signs into Active Directory it doesn’t basically logon to AD NTDS but it authenticates itself from the mentioned database, using LDAP authentication protocol. It lies in the system root/NTDS folder may be c:/windows/NTDS.  

Now how to connect to remote SQL server?

Hoping that you are already using a centrally managed SQL server and know how to configure SQL client, make active directory server as SQL client and check the connections. Now in administrative tools go to “Active directory Sites and Services” expand “Sites” and then “Servers” click “NTDS services”;  under server name, move to the “Connections” tab and add the SQL server name and other credentials.

Try to logon remotely.

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