I need Publisher catalog samples for my business

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Hi fellow members.  I'm new to Publisher so please be patient with me. 

I'm looking for Publisher catalog samples. 

I'm trying to create a business catalog with a template then combine it with information in my data source. 

Can someone help? 

I have Microsoft Publisher 2003.

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I need Publisher catalog samples for my business


Hey I found out some really good websites where you can find the templates that you need:

As you are new to Publisher, may I suggest a few tips for use in long run.

Publisher Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + B for bold text

Ctrl + U for underline

Ctrl + I for italic

Ctrl + = for superscript

Ctrl + Shift + = for subscript

Ctrl + Shift + K for small caps

Ctrl + Spacebar removes all style formats from the highlighted text

Ctrl + Shift + f accesses the font menu, arrow keys select, and enter changes the selected text to that font

Ctrl + Shift + P accesses the font size menu, arrow keys select size, and enter enables the change

Ctrl + Shift + > increases the font size by a half point

Ctrl + Shift + < decreases the font size by a half point

Work in the CMYK Color Space in Publisher, rather than RGB

Page Sizes

Go to File/Page Setup > Choose a Publication Layout>Special Size. Under the option 'Choose a Publication Size' select Custom. Enter physical dimensions of your printed piece. Take care of the orientation.click 'OK'.

Absolute Positioning

Go to Format > Size And Position and use numerical values to position and size objects.

Grouping Elements

Select all the items (hold down the shift key and click on each one) and then group them together using Arrange > Group Objects or (Ctrl + Shift + G). This will lock them together in their relative positions. T

Automatic Wrapping

You don't have to press Enter (return) at the end of each line, just at the end of a paragraph. Simply type away and let Publisher wrap the text automatically.

One or Two Spaces?

AS industry standards go, Instead of putting two spaces after each sentence, just put one.

Putting Things in the Background

Your work will go on the foreground by default unless you set it to be in the background. Choose View > Go To Background. This will take you to the background of the publication.

Remember to Print a Hard Copy

Spacing and Alignment

Check the alignment of frames, text, pictures and captions. It should be consistent.

Spelling and Punctuation

select Tools > Spelling > Check Spelling. Another good one is to check the accuracy of hyphenation: select Tools > Language > Hyphenation.

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