I need military spreadsheets to be added to ms access?

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Hi Experts,

I have military spreadsheets which need to be added to ms access. There are nearly 50000 thousand records to be added. I do not want manual entry. How to achieve this within 1-2 minutes. Any setting to be selected? Thanks.


Hollis Riley

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I need military spreadsheets to be added to ms access?


Hi Mr. Hollis,

There is a way to do this that will only take a matter of time. Here are the steps:

1. Open Microsoft Access and open the database where you want to import the Excel data.

2. Select “External Data Tab > Import Tab” from the menu and click “Excel”. This means to import data from excel.

3. Locate the excel file that you would like to import by clicking the Browse button and select the action that you would like the access to do from the options.

4. A dialog will pop up displaying how you would like to configure your table that contains the data that you need to import. Click Next.

  • In this section, if you would like the row that contains the title to still be the heading, check the box that says “First Row Contains Column Headings”.
  • Edit the title text if you want to by selecting each column and typing their names on the “Field Name” textbox. Click Next.
  • Here, If you would like a primary key to identify each unique record you have in your table, select the “Let Access add primary key” radio button. Otherwise, select “No primary key”. Or if you would like to choose your primary key, is up to you. Click Next.
  • Now by default, the name of the sheet that you have in your excel file will appear on the Import to Table textbox. You can edit it by entering the table name that you desire and click finish.
  • You can now see the table that you have imported from the excel file to the Access database.


Hope this helps you.


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