I need help related to pivot data in MS Excel

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Hi friends,

I need help related to pivot data in MS Excel. While retrieving data from pivot table using getpivotdata, the formula used contains cell $C$4, $D$4, these cells are dropdown menus, where the users could choose the values as they want.

I want to know whether is it possible to use =GETPIVOTDATA(“Sum of vol 1”,”’”&”!$A$4”,”Month”,$C$4,”country”,$D$4), G4 being “sum of vol 1”. I want to use this because I have two pivot tables.

Please help me.

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I need help related to pivot data in MS Excel


Hi there,


Here you are provided Excel 2007 pivot table

Get pivot Data with Drop-Down lists:

Get Pivot Data arguments are different in Excel 2000 and if you create formulas in the earlier version, Excel 2003 can calculate them .But excel 2000 can’t calculate the newer version’s format.

You can use indirect will only work if the target workbook is open, although it could be constructed to calculate the correct file name based on another value such as cell

If cell between the page field and the main table body (which fails, IME)

Usage of cell reference at the field of building code ignoring number can error the work.

Use the following link to learn about pivot data:

Pivot data in a pivot table or pivotchart report

You can try:

Pivot table report 101

How to create pivot tables in excel

Learn about Pivot table




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