I need help with Photoshop web graphic effects

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Hi.  I would like to make a bobble head portrait of myself.  I need help with Photoshop web graphic effects.  I have Adobe Photoshop CS 6 and Windows XP 74 bit SP2.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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I need help with Photoshop web graphic effects



Dear Elsie,

The bobble effect is easy achieved using the liquify tool in Photoshop. Below are the steps:

1.    Select the head and create a new layer via copy using the magnetic lasso tool

2.    Using the move tool resize the background so that the body shrinks

3.    Cut the transparent background using the crop tool

4.    Use the eraser tool to get a smooth transition of the head layer to the body layer

5.    Use the transformation handle and wrap the neck to make sure it aligns well with the body

6.    Finally, to give the image a comic-slim body, select body layer and open the liquify tool (Filter->Liquify->Forward Warp Tool). Adjust the brush size according to image size such that the brush diameter is about the size of the body. Squeeze the body as you like.

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I need help with Photoshop web graphic effects



It is easy to make a Bobble head to your picture.

Follow these steps for better result:

1. Make sure that your picture doesn't have any background because all of the movement of the head can be seen a redundant background. I recommend you to erase the background of your picture to make it transparent. Follow this very easy instruction for erasing the background of your picture:

                * Open your picture in Adobe Photoshop CS6

                * Right-click the eraser tool on the toolbar then select "Background eraser tool"

                * Click all the background to make it transparent. You have to be more artistic in deleting the background of your picture.

                * Save your picture as .Ping to make sure that no white background will automatically apply to your edited picture after saving it

   Now that your picture has a transparent background you can now continue with making a bobble head.

2. Open the edited-no-background picture to Adobe Photoshop Cs6 then rename it as "Bobblehead".

3. Duplicate the "Bobblehead" layer then click the circle beside it to hide the layer.

4. Create a new layer and name that as "background" click edit/fill and choose white. Drag the "Background" layer down. You will notice that your picture has a color white background but you don't have to worry because that is not permanent and don't affect the movement of the bobble head later.

5. You need to highlight the "Bobblehead" layer by selecting "Pen tool" and make a selection around the head. You will be the one responsible in selecting the head. Use your creativity to make the head look nice.

6. After that you will need to change the path into a selection. To do this just click on the path tab can be seen in the layers palette and select the "Load Path as Selection" button.

7. Hit delete to remove the head from the layer take note that you have the duplicate of that layer so you don't have to worry. Make sure that there is no unwanted area remains when you delete the head, if it has just cleaned it by using "Eraser tool"

8. Highlight the Bobble head copy layer and delete the everything except for the head.

9. Now, you have a layer with head only (rename it as "bobble head") and a layer with the body only (rename it as "Body").

10. Hide the head part so the only image you will see on the screen is the white background and the body. Notice that the neckline of the body is white so you have to fill it by clicking "Clone Stamp Tool" hold the "ALT" key on your keyboard then click the part of the body to copy the color release the "ALT" key then paint the area that you think it will need to be painted. This will make an illusion that it has a completely neck.

11. Highlight and duplicate 2 times the "bobble head" layer.

12. Rename each layer as "Right" and "Middle". Hide the two layers

13. Click Edit > Transform > Rotate, the pull the handles to the right to rotate the head then click enter. Do the same to "Right" layer but pull the handles to the left

14. Select "Jump to ImageReady" to create the animation

15. Hide the layer "Right" and "Bobblehead"

16. To ImageReady window, select "new frame" on the drop down arrow seen on the animation palette. Repeat this with the "Right" and "bobble head" layer.

17. After completing all the frames, click the play button on the animation window to see the results.

18. If you feel contented with your work you can now save it as .GIF to play it outside the photo shop.

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