I need help with my system Please

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Hi all,

I just had my system updated to AT&T Uverse recently but I think the person who installed made a little mess out of my system. Here is the situation. Our internet is routed via Netgear. It is connected to two PCs, one of which is running Debian while the other serves as the family computer. There is another PC that is connected to it via PowerLine which I assume is connected to the main gateway.  There is also an Xbox 360 on the DVR which is also connected to the main gateway. My question would be is it possible set up the network in a way that will allow me to stream stuff from the media PC (the one that is connected to the Netgear router) while using Xbox 360? I hope you can provide me with assistance. Thank you.

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I need help with my system Please


Hallo Michael Tom,

I guess it should be possible for you to stream any media you want from the network using the PC you have connected to the net gear router as long as you have configured it to be part of the network you are using and also you can access the internet using that computer.

Check things like the home group settings for that computer and turn the network sharing capabilities for you to be able to share medias with the other computers on the network. Also ensure that you have configured the IP addresses for the computer too especially if you are using static IP addresses on the network for you to be able to access the internet and share Media.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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