I need help with my Internet connection & network

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Hello everyone,

I am new here and I am just desperate because I am having a hard time with my Internet connection, or should I specifically say, my networking.

I am using a DSL and my IP connection type is PPOE. I have two computers so I want to connect them both to the Internet using a router. I have a Zyxel p-600 series autovolt modem and Edimax BR 6314K router. Based on the advice on my ISPs tech guy who visited my place, I connected my splitter from my master socket (of my phone line) then the DSL cable directly to the modem.

By the way, my modem is more or less 10 meters away from my master socket. I connected my modem to the Edimax router then to my two PCs. However, I always get these problems:

  • Although my Ethernet cable from the modem is connected to my router's WAN port, my WAN light wont light up so I have to reset my router a number of times.
  • When I finally get my WAN light on, I still can't connect to the Internet. Even if I ping the router which is, it appears as if it is connected to the Internet but still I can't connect because when I accessed the router, it says "Disconnected" and I can't even Google a single thing.

Please help me. I really need this for my job. I hope my simple diagram will be helpful.


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I need help with my Internet connection & network


I have the same experience with my Edimax router from before and what I did was reset everything and then set it up again, and then after a few weeks, it returned to the same problem and setting it up again was no use this time. I have no choice but to buy a new router and set it up. Just like mine, the hardware wasn't functioning very well so if you can't setup your router again. You should consider buying a new one.

But before doing anything else, try first restarting your modem and call you ISP if they have problems with their own facility because sometimes it is the cause of the problem.

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