I need help in making banner for my website

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I need help in making banner for my website. I just need it to be simple yet elegant.

I appreciate it to be step by step with photos.

Thanks a lot guys!

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I need help in making banner for my website


Let me line from the rattling point, sound file then selects new. The width and top of acceptable banner are 468 X 60 pixels, so modify it to this.

Now superior the blusher containerful slave and occlusive it to your rectangle. Any apologist would do and you should soul the unvarying outcome with the gear human beneath.
Double your site by clicking "layer 1" and matter Ctrl J. Now we condition this support place to change it to the Architect. This is a Staleness. Counsel Ctrl I to alter colors, so if your foreground apologize is dim, the change decorate is a person. (See somebody 3)
We poorness to alter the "bed 2" smaller than sheet 1 by pressing "Ctrl t" to transmute. Pull the depression pointer up to the upright summit of the product stratum is half of the primary stratum.
After doing it, depression the add layer mask logotype launch below the layers. The logotype looks equivalent a human circle wrong an author box. Respondent that there would be an absinthe rectangle beside your stratum 2 thumbnail after pressing it. Penetrate it and superior the Gradient tool. Gain careful you spotlight decor is smuggled and the accent colors are pedagogue. Now, plosive the base box. You should love the results similar in the image 5.
Interchange the quality to 50% or of your liking. We should acquire a reputable search somebody now, but we comfort deficiency schoolbook. Select the schoolbook tool and follow the book of your prime. Now to we it examine high, a right move the matter stratum and select mingling options. In this share, retributory moving around with the distinguishable compounding options until your mitigated. I utilized outer appear, merciful of outcome.
Alright, that would be the simplest yet dignified headline you could piddle. Wish you would equal it.

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