I need help with Aperture 3

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Having just discovered Aperture 3 as a tool for retouching photos, I have fallen for it. I opt for it instead of using iphoto. I am however lost on how to effectively use the new tool and thus need your assistance with the following:

a) The best resolution that I can use to preview photos with Aperture.

b) Is it possible to export the photos from aperture bearing in mind they are in folders?

c) Will I need to create a new library once the files on the Aperture reach a given maximum size? I currently have a 25 GB library.

d) I happen to also have a collection of videos of my close ties. These are in MPEG format. Would the fact that Aperture is meant for photos make it impossible to store the videos in Aperture or is it possible?

e) Any idea how I can add Photos project on to maps using Aperture?

f) Lastly, how can tags placed on photos multiply be removed I Aperture?

I am waiting for your valuable help.

Thank you.

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I need help with Aperture 3


To help you with your issue, I will recommend that you just a get manual that contains the guidelines for using the Aperture 3 application so as to help you out with the issues you have listed. You will just need to go to your favorite search engine and then search for the manual.

Something else that might be helpful are screenshots and videos that will guide you on how to use this application, and the good place that you will find them is YouTube.

The following is a site that has a detailed step and step guide on how to edit photos in Aperture 3 and I think it might of help to you:

Expert techyv.

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I need help with Aperture 3


Hi there,

For best resolution use the auto enhance preset on a photo shoot. Yes you can export image to a new location this is good as image are not lost in your system. Image can be exported in any format that can also be open in other program like Photoshop.
When you reach to the maximum size you need to create a new library to save your new image. Anyway, aperture has its new feature where in you can easily switch on libraries. Open aperture then hold the option key to select which library you want to use.
Aperture is one of the great tool in organizing and sorting images. Try to do some exploration with your aperture and you will find more useful tips in enhancing and organizing photos. Hope this simple tips will help a lot.
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I need help with Aperture 3



I guess you are right. I just really need to search more details about this. And I still have a lot of questions on my mind in using this program. Thank Expert Techyv for the link you have provided. It was really helpful. I just really need to be patient on exploring its features.

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