I need guidance about Windows 7 and Huawei E220 3G card software

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I have been using this modem for the last odd years or so. I did work on Windows XP Pro and have updated the program regularly.  The final version was V

Then I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. The device did well, but I faced an issue some days ago and decided to uninstall then re-install the software concerned. After that I was not able to remain connected to the internet. I am in South America by the way.  It is connected to Vodafone. I tried to fix it, but I struggled.

At a particular point the machine cannot even connect or identify the modem. I disconnected everything then tried to turn it on, and even tried to reinstall the software.  During a point n the installation, it gave an error message which is as follows:

Error 2753.The File ‘agent.exe.6ED28686_7B19_420C_B255_5B6C1BD2C705’ is not marked for installation.

It also shows many times in the network, but if I press on the "connect" button nothing happens (All is grayed out). 

I do hope that someone will help me soon.

Will uninstalling everything and reinstalling it using the previous firmware solve the problem?

I haven’t done that yet as I was hoping maybe someone has encountered a similar problem and help me out.


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I need guidance about Windows 7 and Huawei E220 3G card software


I am also using a Huawei USB dongle modem. The model I am currently using is E1552. I think the problem here is not with the USB modem’s firmware.

I am not sure if you are aware that after you bought the Huawei E220 USB modem you need to upgrade the USB dongle’s firmware to make it work faster.

You can upgrade its firmware by visiting your network’s website. The firmware of the USB dongle is the software that communicates the modem to the computer.

Upgrading the modem’s firmware makes it work a little bit faster and much efficient than with the original firmware installed.

In Huawei E1552 3G USB dongle the recommended operating system for the modem is Windows XP. Other Windows versions have common issues with the modem’s installer and I think since you are already using Windows 7 this is what’s happening with the dongle.

It can not work because the modem’s software has issues with Windows 7. The best solution I could think of is changing back your current operating system to Windows XP.

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