I need a good software for studio recovery

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Hello techyv.com!

My Lenovo laptop won't open its Windows 7 OS again.

I was looking for a way like using system recovery or system repair, but it fails.

I don't want this to be formatted because there are lots of important files that I need in here.

I don't consider hiring technicians as well because they're bit expensive to deal with.

I have an extra Windows 7 laptop though that I could use for downloading any needed stuffs.

So please advice me for a good software to be downloaded for studio recovery?

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I need a good software for studio recovery


Hello Margaret R Huling,

Thanks for asking us.

There are many software to do such tasks. Many data recovery software are available on internet for free.

You can download and use them.

I have a good suggestion for you. You should use R-Studio Data Recovery software.

Much light in performance and best results.

You can download it from this link.

Download R-Studio Data Recovery Software.


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I need a good software for studio recovery


Hello Margaret and welcome to techyv.com.

You'll need to unplug the problem hard drive from Lenovo laptop (if you're bit proficient in opening laptop yourself, otherwise seek helps of pros to do that). Connect the hard drive externally using USB/SATA/IDE enclosure to your extra Windows 7 laptop. 

Download only professional software, for recovery as it'll runs in read only mode to help safe guard data from overwriting or damaging it further. Install recovery software on your extra Windows 7 laptop  and run it from the desktop or all programs menu.

You can try Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software for best results and have great chances of successful recovery.

Download it from here:

Most probably, the software would able to locate your problem drive under drive recovery option of the recovery software. Simply select the problem drive and choose any of the useful recovery method like 'Quick Recovery', 'Advanced Recovery' from the flying pane open at the right side of the software.

If none of the option helps you recover your precious data, you'll need to choose 'RAW Recovery', proficient in scanning drive bit by bit and recover severely damaged or corrupted data. Though, It'll take time little longer then expected but did great job in cases like yours. 

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I need a good software for studio recovery


If you have a laptop with Windows 7 and it doesn’t boot, it should display an error that might be helpful in identifying the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, you did not include the error message. Anyway, if Windows doesn’t boot and reformatting or reinstalling the operating system is not an option, you can try an option in the advanced boot options menu.

Start or turn on your laptop and press F8 before the Windows 7 logo appears. In the “Advanced Boot Options” screen, scroll down and select “Last known good configuration” then hit Enter twice to boot. See if this works.

If this doesn’t work and the machine still doesn’t boot, since you have a spare laptop also with Windows 7, you can transfer all your important files from the faulty laptop to the working laptop. To do this, you need to boot in Safe Mode. Repeat the same steps to boot into the “Advanced Boot Options” screen. Select “Safe Mode” then hit Enter.

When you’re in Safe mode, copy all your important files to a USB flash drive and then copy them to your working laptop. Once all files have been copied, reinstall Windows 7 on the faulty laptop.

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