I need good settings for the TCP Optimizer

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Just the other day, I upgraded my internet subscription service from 24mbps to 45mbps. Now I need appropriate settings to use in TCP Optimizer. I download a lot of videos and stream many games. On conducting a test on speedtest.net, I’m still getting around 50.75 download speeds. The upload speeds are around 5.1 to 6.7 mbps. These ranges occur since I have 3 other devices connected to the wireless network. Can someone direct me on how to get the right settings for the optimizer? A lot of material on the internet does not work. Help me please

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I need good settings for the TCP Optimizer


I think you don’t understand how the internet speed works. Upgrading your internet subscription to 45 Mbps from 24 Mbps is really good to boost your internet speed. But in reality, you don’t really get the exact speed that you have subscribed to. This is because, even if you have internet subscription, you are still using a shared network.

This means, you are not the only one accessing the internet because there are also other internet subscribers who are also subscribed to your Internet Service Provider and the way they use the internet can surely affect the speed of your connection. Aside from that, the main big reason why your speed drops down is if there are other devices directly connected to your network.

Since you are using a Wi-Fi network, any Wi-Fi capable device can connect to your network as long as the user knows your password. Now, if there are many Wi-Fi devices connected to your network and they heavily use the internet like downloading huge files, your internet speed will surely drop to a great extent.

To prevent this from happening, limit the number of devices that connects to your network. Since you said you have 3 other devices connected, try disconnecting 1 or maybe 2 devices to free up the traffic on your network.

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