I just want to know whether iTunes and CDA are compatible?

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Hi Experts,

I am user of Apple.  I have recently started using iTunes. I just want to know whether iTunes and CDA are compatible? Can CDA be converted in mp3 in iTunes?

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I just want to know whether iTunes and CDA are compatible?


A CDA file can be a music file on associate actual CD that is merely purchase at a store. You are doing not ought to be a technical genius to convert a CDA file to associate MP3, but it'll take time and to a little degree patience. It's not impossible task though.

  1. Save and shut down all of the programs on your laptop. This can be simply to safeguard against something weird happening and you losing information. Plus, you would like to ensure  that your laptop is absolve to convert the songs with ease.
  2. Find out what audio enjoying software package you've got. If you've got a laptop, you possibly have Windows Media Player. If you've got a macintosh, you ought to have iTunes.  
  3. Each of those programs are pretty customary. On Windows Media Player, open the program. If you're on a macintosh and you've got iTunes, open the program. I do know that iTunes is admittedly smart concerning causing updates therefore you ought to have the newest version of the program.
  4. Once you have opened Windows Media Player, move to the Rip menu. Run your mouse over the Rip menu so click on the arrow below Rip.
  5. Once you have opened iTunes, move to the Edit menu. There'll be a little menu on the left aspect of the program screen once it opens. Click on the Edit menu and scroll all the way down to Preferences.
  6. Once you have clicked the arrow beneath Rip in Windows Media Player, click on Format.  Scroll down and choose MP3. Currently once you return to the menu, you'll notice a tick next to MP3.
  7. Once you have scrolled all the way down to Preferences in iTunes, click on the General tab. Once you're within the General tab, hunt for a button labelled, Import Settings. Click that button and you'll see a little box.
  8. If you have followed the steps to this point in Windows Media Player, you are done. You'll shut the program and therefore the next time you would like to convert a CDA file into associate degree MP3,  Open Windows Media Player and rip it to your laptop. The files can mechanically be modified to MP3 files. You would like to appear for the menu next to Import Using.
  9. There ought to be associate degree arrow that you just will click on. Once you click the arrow,  you'll see a computer menu. Click on MP3 encoder and choose that one. Once you click that, you'll go all the way down to rock bottom of the box and click on, OK. Then click on OK within the different box.
  10. You ought to simply place the CD into your laptop and pull up either Windows Media Player or iTunes and rip or import the CD. Once you are doing that,  the files are reborn and you'll place them on your MP3 player or simply have them as MP3 files on your laptop.

Another option is to do this online. Cda to mp3 converter

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