I have Problems with my games Please help

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Hi All ,

I am having trouble with the games on my computer. I lost the setting and other configuration of the games when I installed Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1. I called some of the games developer and they told me that I just have to delete some sort of file in the games installation folder.

Do I need to do it on all the games or is there something that I need to install on my computer to make it work?Please help

Thank you

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I have Problems with my games Please help


Hello Mkwon,

If the operating system that you removed when you formatted the machine was different version, for instance a 32 bit which supported the gaming applications well, then you will have to remove all the games because they may not be supported by the windows 7 64 bit service pack 1 that you just installed.

You will have to look for the same games either online or any other place that are supported by the 64 bit that you just installed and install them so that they will work well. Otherwise this error is occurring due to compatibility issues.


Lee Hung

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I have Problems with my games Please help


Just follow one step at a time. Since you already called some of the games’ developers, just try to follow what they instructed you to do. This might help you fix the problem with their game.

If the solution they instructed you to do did not help solve the issue on the games, you may need to reinstall them individually again.

Maybe the problem is caused by the change in the operating system. You did not mention what was your previous operating system where these games worked fine. Then you changed it to Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1, maybe that really hit them.

If you want your games to work in your present operating system, check each one of them if they support Windows 7 64-bit. If majority of the games support the previous operating system then you must revert to the previous one.

Otherwise, permanently uninstall those games that are not supported by the current Windows version.

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I have Problems with my games Please help


Thank you Sharathr and Lee Hung for giving time resolving my game issues. I installed them individually again and it worked.

Indeed it has compatibility issues.

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