I have a problem in windows 7 file dialog box.

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When I use the 32-bit JVM FP1 or 2, some bug comes.

https : bugs.eclipse.org / bug s / show_bug.cgi?id = 349387

http : bugs . sun . com / bugdatabase / view_bug.do?bug_id = 7056092

I don’t know what to do on this, please help me. 

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I have a problem in windows 7 file dialog box.


Hi Jeremy,

To goof-up this bug you simply need to follow this steps: opening of the a dialog box having only closed button in the title bar. Then open run dialog box task properties dialog box and not only this but you can choose to open any other. Launch run dialog box. Open the task manager by right clicking on task bar then get start task bar manager option selected.  The shortcut to opening this is by holding ctrl+shift+esc.

On the application's tab right click on run the dialog box and select maximize option. There should be only one bug seen and no other at this point.

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I have a problem in windows 7 file dialog box.


Hello Jeremy,

The Java Virtual Machine that you are using on your windows 7 may be corrupt, or is missing some important components. Usually some Java Virtual machine need a program called JDK, Java Tools Development Kit installed for them to work well and therefore you may be missing that component.

You may search the JDK online, download and then install it and see if the problem will be solved. The .NET framework may be missing on your computer too, and therefore I will suggest that you download it and install it to see if the bug you are experiencing will be fixed.


Lee Hung


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I have a problem in windows 7 file dialog box.


I always get confused about Java Virtual Machine or JVM and the Java Runtime Environment or JRE but actually, Java Virtual Machine or JVM is the old name or the former name of the now known JRE or Java Runtime Environment. If your existing version of the Java Runtime Environment throws different bug errors, try updating JRE to the latest version. To download the latest, go to Free Java Download.

For other operating systems like OS X, Linux, and Solaris, go to Java Downloads for All Operating Systems. Installing the latest version should fix the problem. It is always recommended to install the latest Java because it contains vulnerability fixes, feature updates, and performance enhancements to previous versions. Oracle doesn’t recommend keeping old versions of Java because it introduces a serious security risk.

Java technology is being used by many websites to enhance the experience of visitors like bank websites and video game web pages. The Java Virtual Machine or JVM or the Java Runtime Environment or JRE supports Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

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