I have Problem partition (Windows XP)

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When I restart my computer it shows an error message. I tried to use recovery system. It shows that the hard disk contains 2 partitions, the first hard drive C is correct. But the second  hard drive D shows error message (unknown).

How can I recover Hard Drive D without losing all my data ?

My Computer OS: Windows XP

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I have Problem partition (Windows XP)



The problem is with the Partition table, which we call as MBR (master Boot Record). It must be corrupted or damaged. So the thing that you had to do is, recover it without deleting the data in partitions. The things that you can do are use a CD and recovery console and then try again. But don’t try some complicated commands, without good knowledge because it can destroy your master Boot Record.

The thing is, you can’t log into the machine, so it is impossible to repeat it internally. Because of that, all the partition recovery software will be useless.

Try to login with open source live CD and try to take a backup. It May be work.

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I have Problem partition (Windows XP)



If the hard disk  has a problem in partitioning the drive, may be the hard disk is already full or there could be some hardware problem in the machine. Restart your computer, try to insert your installation CD; go to the set up and click repair. Try to reformat or reinstall the windows again on your hard disk.

Whatever happens do not reformat the drive C:.  Just remove the hard disk of your computer and try to use another computer as long his/her computer is using the windows XP or NTFS. Try if it is reading your hard disk.  If it is not, your files may be corrupt or buy a new hard disk.

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I have Problem partition (Windows XP)


Hi Mike,

You can recover your  partition using a software called [email protected] Recovery Partition. You can download it for free, by accessing the following url: partition recovery.  Once you have downloaded it, run the setup application to install on your computer, and then run it by locating from start>>programs from a short cut on the desktop.

Locate the hard disk drive that contains the deleted partition, you should see somewhere "Unallocated". Point the cursor to it and press enter.

Next you are supposed to see a list of found partitions, point the cursor to the partition that has your information and press enter. This should recover the partition with all the data.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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I have Problem partition (Windows XP)


It seems that the partition table of your partition has been damaged. It is placed on the boot sector of the partition and it keeps all the information such as the partition size, number of files and more. A bad shutdown or restart makes it bad sector. And the partition table becomes unreadable. Use EaseUS software to recover the contents of your partition. Click on the link below to download the software:


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