I have a problem charging my iPhone 3G

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I have a problem charging my iPhone 3G. It gives me an error message that says the accessory used is not supported. However, I attempted to charge my iPhone with several other wall chargers, connecting it to my laptop and my desktop computer, all the while getting the same error message.

What could be wrong? Is the problem possibly with my iPhone? Help!

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I have a problem charging my iPhone 3G


try one of these options:

  1. Turn off your phone and take everything including the sim card out
  2. Give a blow in the charger unit sometimes dust causes the problem
  3. Restart it back again

the error is common as the charger was not included along with your iPhone make and therefore it recognizes a third party hardware and says accessory not supported; it will still charge though.

however you can restore the original settings of the iPhone by going to the iTunes software. this will remove the message.

if it does not help than you need to change the charger or cable for the iPhone.



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I have a problem charging my iPhone 3G




Ok I will give you two or more solutions to solve this. If still couldn’t solve this issue you would have to buy a new one.

First thing is do a hard reset. I will tell you how to do a hard reset.

Press and hold the power and home button till the White Apple logo appear.

Check the issue has solved. If not please clean your dock connector. To do this use small amount of alcohol .

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