I have no system disk but need to transfer Macbook

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I bought a Macbook air but it did not come with a system disk. I now want to give it away but I need to remove all of my licensed accounts from it. Since I do not have a disk, i need a way of disabling iTunes, iCloud and any other accounts. How can I do that? Will it completely disable the account and allow new user to use his accounts?

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I have no system disk but need to transfer Macbook


I’m sorry but I think you are only confused and does not know what system disk really is. A system disk is where the operating system is installed and boots the computer. A computer without a system disk will not be able to boot. The other name for system disk is drive C for Windows.

If your MacBook Air boots and you can use your Mac very well then there is no problem. Both 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Airs have internal storage ranging from 128 GB up to 256 GB. All internal storages are PCIe-based or PCI Express-based. Since the MacBook Air has an internal storage then you definitely have a system disk.

It’s just that it is installed inside the computer itself and can’t be disconnected like an ordinary USB external hard drive. If you want to remove your account from iTunes then simply uninstall the application. If you are also logged in to different apps on your machine, just log out all your accounts.

You can also ask someone to format your hard drive and reinstall Mac OS X if you don’t know how to do it. Reinstalling the operating system ensures that no traces of your accounts are left because all applications you’ve used are deleted. But before reformatting and reinstalling your Mac PC, make sure you already have the Mac OS X OS installer.

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