I have this error 4320 created by LogMeIn

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Hi there,

I have this error 4320 created by LogMeIn. The problem is that it appears at my Office where I work and I cannot connect. No one was able to help me so can you experts help me please ? What this error means ?

Thank you !

Meldung von Webseite

Die Anforderung wurde vom Operator ode Administrator zuruckgewiesen. (4320)


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I have this error 4320 created by LogMeIn


This error appears when logging in to LogMeIn on a host computer. It is caused when there is a non-administrator user who tries to login to LogMeIn using his or her Windows username and password that doesn’t have rights to use LogMeIn Hamachi. To fix this issue, the non-administrator user needs to be given rights or permission to use LogMeIn.

On the host computer where the non-administrator user tried to login to LogMeIn, click on the LogMeIn icon on the system tray. Click Open LogMeIn, Options, and then select Preferences. Select Security tab. In User Access Control, click on the Show Details button and then click Browse. On the dropdown, choose your computer name or domain if it is applicable and then click “List users of selected domain”.

Find and select the user you wish to give permission to and click OK. If you want to give full access to the user to LogMeIn, check Full Control. But if not, just click on the check boxes to set individual permissions. After setting the permission, click Add and then OK.

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