I have a dvd decrypter problem

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Good day guys,

I have a DVD decrypter problem. I think it might be caused by DMA not on, but I put it on when I can.

Can I get some further help on how to solve this problem?

I only burn up to 66%.

Thank you.

DVD decrypter problem

DVD Decrypter

I/O Error!

Device: [1:0:0] PLEXTOR DVDR PX-708A 1.03 (E:) (ATA)

Scsi Status: 0c02

Interpretation: Write (10) – Sector: 1415360 – 1415391

Sense Area : F0 00 03 00 18 98 C0 0A 00 00 00 00 0C 07 00 00 00 00

Interpretation: Write Error – recovery Needed

Retry Cancel

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I have a dvd decrypter problem


Check that your DVD drive is 100% ok. I think you have a defect with your DVD drive hardware and it is not able to write properly on the disk. This DVD drive may need to clear with a lens cleaner and it will work fine once the lens of your DVD is clean.


Smith Thompson

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I have a dvd decrypter problem


Hi Araceliariana

Well I know your problem very well and have a best solution for you.

It'll be a Fat Albert which is backing up this DVD Decrypter
It has a ton of bad sectors on your Disk as a form of copy-protection.
So you have to follow these steps.
Go to DVD Decrypter “Properties” then go to “Options”.
You have to check on the I/O tab make sure that to you check mark the box “Ignore Read Errors” and Set the value of “Software Read Error Retires” to something low like 0,1 or 2.
It’ll take long time to check all those errors.
At the end of the process, you must have a working backup.
I hope you’ll find out your way with this solution. Good Luck!
Johnstoon Leen

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