I got some 404 error

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Hello All,

I am a student, and I keep on visiting many blog spots and websites to fetch data regarding some books. Recently, I registered in a web site and tried to upload some document into it. By doing that, I will be getting a pdf document. But, I got some 404 error.

Please help me in fixing this issue so that I can upload my documents.

Thanks for all solutions.


404 Not found.

File not found.

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I got some 404 error


Hello Hollis,


“404 error” is one of the familiar and well known error. “404 Not Found” is a type of “404 error” which is seen when you are trying to go to some website.

There are several causes for “404 error”. If you are trying to reach a website and which can’t be found on their server, “404 error” may appear even if you type the wrong URL.  

To fix this error, try to refresh the page, check the URL and you may search the page at search engine.

If you do the all things, definitely “404 Not Found” won’t appear.

Thank You.

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I got some 404 error



404 error is one of the most common error on internet. It means that connection cannot be established between you and the server you are trying to reach. For once you just need to check the speed of your internet and if it is ok then you cannot do anything of this error. You can check speed by downloading or uploading some file on internet at some another website. This error is not the user error (it is the error generated by the server you are trying to reach). You said you are trying to upload some document and you received this error. It means that the server where you want to upload that file is not available right now. It might be some technical issue. What you can do is retry after some time, otherwise contact the support of the website. Hopefully they will guide you. One more thing, make sure that you internet provider allows you to upload file to that website. Please check if the website is not prohibited in your region or country.

I hope this helps.


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I got some 404 error


Error 404 means, the server couldn’t found the web page which one you asked for. It occurs for bad Internet connection, for spyware etc. Besides these solution you can visit Techy another page regarding this issues solution.

404 error loading video using safari in OSX

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