I got a little confused about the workstation

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I got a little confused about the workstation.

How about if it is not connected to the power A/C, will the cached have details or just empty? Is there any built in battery that can stored data while is not connected to the A/C?

I want to know is it actually connected or working with cached details. 

Thank you….

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I got a little confused about the workstation


Cache is used for saving the transform files in a secure place in the local computer or in workstation. These files will have the details to modify or alter a program when the installation process is going on. When a person wants to reinstall or removes or repairs the installation these files will be available in cache even if the workstation not connected with network or A/C.

If you enable this these files are saved in a secure location in user’s computer instead of in user profile. Windows installer needs these files if the user wants to repair or reinstall the installation. This is mainly designed for the companies which have to take precautions to prevent the unauthorized editing of transform files.

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