I got an error message when type some syntax in Maxima

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When I typed some syntax in Maxima, I got an error message “Error : syntax. error : Wanted ;” and I do not know what the cause is because it did it very well. Anyone who can help?

Error: syntax error: wanted

Application Error

Error: syntax error: wanted ;

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I got an error message when type some syntax in Maxima



It is strongly possible that you are getting that error if you are using reserved words.  Reserved words cannot be used as variable names, they will cause cryptic syntax error and here is a list:
integrate next from diff
in at limit sum
for and elseif then
else do or if
unless product while thru
To avoid such a problem you can keep the html Maxima help manual up in a separate window and the Index panel available.  The panel will tell you if you can use the word. Another thing to take in consideration is when you have a sequence of expressions.  When these expressions become one expression, you should use parentheses and separates them by commas. You may check this PDF file for good examples
I hope this helpful.

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