I get this error Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage

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I am trying to launch a specific website but it keeps getting an error stating that "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". I waited for few minutes and then try again but it still ended up with the same error message. I am pretty sure that I entered the address correctly and I have been opening this for the past week on daily basis. However, I can't seem to open it today. What can I do?

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I get this error Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage


The error could be an issue with the server and not from your computer. But to make it sure, you can try the following solutions below:

1. Delete your browser history. Depending on your browser, just look for the Internet Options and delete the browsing history. If you are on Chrome, just select the and then click History and then click the Clear Browsing Data button.

2. Disable the Addons or plug-ins on your browser.

For Chrome: Just type chrome://plugins on your browser and then search for the plugin that you wish to disable and then click the Disable link.

For Firefox: Click the Firefox Orange button on the top of the page and then click Add-ons. You will be prompted with the Add-ons Manager tab. Select the Extensions or Appearance panel and then choose the add-on that you wish to disable and click the Disable button. Click the Restart Now that will pop up. The changes will take effect after the restart.

For IE: Just go to Tools and then Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, under Browsing, untick the "Enable third-party browser extensions" check box. Click OK and restart IE.

3. Ensure that there are no third-party software or programs that is having conflicts with your browser. You can do this by clicking on Start and then type msconfig on the search box. Click the System Configuration icon and then click the Services tab. Tick the box next to Hide all Microsoft Services and click Disable All. Click the Startup tab and click Disable All and click OK. Restart your computer and see if it works. To enable it again, just repeat the same steps.

4. Run the System Restore to go back to the earlier point. Click Start and then type System Restore and click it from the list. Type the Administrator password or confirm the process. If you don't have a restore point created, you won't be able to perform this task.

Additionally, you can also a Network Diagnostic Tool once you see the error message again. Or you can check or restart your modem or router to fix this issue. If there is a problem with your DNS, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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I get this error Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage


Hello Gibson,

If your network devices, ISP Connection and Firewalls are malfunctioning, you would not be able to launch the website.

However, if your network devices, ISP Connection and Firewalls are not malfunctioning, then you should follow these steps.

  1. Have the history of your browser deleted.
  2. The add-ons in the internet explorer should be disabled.
  3. Reset internet explorer after add-ons have been disabled.
  4. Check if there is any program in conflict with the internet explorer.
  5. Restore your Computer to an earlier point in time to effect the changes.

Hope this helps.




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