I faced a problem with my compactrio and Labview 9

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Hi Experts,

I faced a problem with my compactrio and Labview 9.

I received an error message given below. It indicates that:

Error -614499 occurred at Compilation Status

Possible reason(s)
An internal error occurred. Please try again or contact
National Instruments.
Error Code–>1
Error–> Property Node (arg1) in
Propety Name: Front Panel Window:panel Bounds


An internal software error in the LabVIEW FPGA Module has occurred.
Please contact National Instruments technical support at ni.com/
Additional Information:
Original error message:
 Error 1 occurred at Generate User Event in niFpgaCompileManager_WaitForCompilationStatusDialog.vi

Please help me to solve this issue.

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I faced a problem with my compactrio and Labview 9



As far as I can read and comprehend some of the information displayed in the screenshot, it seems that the program you are using encountered an internal error. This problem usually happens because of invalid values that are set or entered in the software that exceeds the limitations of the application. One example of an internal error is divide overflow where the program encounters a problem because it can’t calculate the value specified in the program.

This can usually be fixed by entering or specifying appropriate values in the software and then restart whatever it is you are doing. If the problem still persists, try reinstalling the software to install a fresh copy on your machine. And also be sure that the software is indeed compatible with your operating system.

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