I encountered some problems in my Video Card

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I recently purchase a new Video Card for my computer since I'm into playing games. However, it is showing white lines that flickers in my monitor screen. I noticed that the line appears when playing games and running something big on my PC. And also when I opened the in-game map or other window screen, my computer will just stop functioning. What should I do to resolve this problem?


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I encountered some problems in my Video Card


Hello, Good day to you. I am wondering what monitor are you using? Is it a CRT Monitor? Or an LCD Monitor. And also, it would have been a huge help if we knew what the specifications of the new video card are. However, I would like to provide you with an overview of what might be the problem and how you can try to resolve the issue. The first thing we have to check is the video driver because it might be incorrect, corrupted, or missing which may be the primary cause of this problem. 

Now, for you to be able to check it, verify the information that comes with the video card if it is compatible to the current version of the Operating System that you have, if not, then you may download the appropriate version for your Operating System. Second, we also have to know if the monitor is an LCD or a CRT. 

If it’s a CRT, then you might like to check if there are outer interference that could have caused the issues that you have with your monitor. You might like to check if there are gadgets that transmits radio frequencies, magnetic fields or even tangled power cables near your monitor. Again, it could have been better if we have known more details about your machine and the new video card you have purchased. 

I hope this helps.

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