Sending trigger signal to specific hardwares

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I don’t really have an in-depth knowledge about hardware and I need help with this problem that I am encountering. I am using -PXI 1044-PXI 8106-PXI 5142 (Digitizer)-PXI 5441 (AWG). I am using the serial port for external hardware to send commands and also generate signals with the AWG which should be at the same time in order to run an acquisition on the digitizer.

The root of the problem is how to send a trigger signal to these two working hardware and also how to do the write command on the serial port. Will sending this type of signal be possible on the RTSi lines?

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Sending trigger signal to specific hardwares


It is not clear that why the trigger is essential for you. Whenever some hardware device conflict with another then you can disable one for best performance.

Click on Start Menu go to Run type regedit and enter, you can close your desire service by set value 0 or 1.

New windows installation is better for a great performance. You can also control trigger by regedit option.


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Sending trigger signal to specific hardwares


Here I have attached some instructions with images. I hope it helps.

As you know, there are two types of triggering, digital and analog. Here I have attached a lab view of them.

1) Set up a digital post triggered acquisition.

2) Specify an alternate trigger. 
3) Create a pretriggered application. 
4) How to start and stop the trigger.
5) How to specify analog triggering. 
6) How to cluster input. 
7) How to set up master device. 
8) Use RTSI control. 
9) How to implement.
10) Set a trigger source parameter.
11) Implement event triggering.
12) Implement type of gating.
13) How to set analog clock.

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