I cannot access my files in the MOSS Server

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How does MOSS internally work? My problem is every time I open the site of MOSS Server, the files get attached properly and it runs fine. But if I’m doing it from any of the network clients, I always get the message “file not found” and/or “incorrect user name or password”. Please help me about this so I can create and edit the elements of a standard web part on the New Form and Edit Form .aspx.

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I cannot access my files in the MOSS Server


The error might be occurring because of the following reasons

  • There might be includes or maybe some user controls that have been added to the template that are not accessible, and therefore you will need to check the link and check if it is right or wrong.
  • There might some DLL files that are missing. In case you have added a web control or a webpart in the template that you are using, then it might be possible that the page is unable to find the dll. That is because you might have placed the dll in the bin directory that is found in the website’s root but then it might be that particular page is in some other virtual directory, and then it is referring to some other web.config and bin directory.
  • It may also be possible that the code for using an alternate header, and the relative path that you are using for that alternate header may be wrong and therefore unable to load the page.

-Lee Seen


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