I cannot open this !!

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The quiz has been created but it cannot be open now.


Error on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly

Invalid character

Quiz.js                                      line 1

Object expected

Quiz.html                                 line  57

Code 0                                     Char: 2

Url: file///C:/Users/mink/Appdata/Local/Temp/quiz.html

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I cannot open this !!

Does it happen with other websites too? It might be a problem with that certain website. Have you tried opening the same link with other web browser? It might work with another browser and if still the same try these remedies: 
– Open Internet Explorer 8 in compatibility mode. 
– Optimize Internet Explorer. 
– Clear browsing history and cache. 
– Reset Internet Explorer settings.
For more details, refer to the links below:
Compatibility Mode
How to optimize Internet Explorer
How to reset Internet Explorer settings
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I cannot open this !!


This is some cause of some website to have errors some are website shut down or maintenance better to clean your cookies in your web browser this may cause conflict delay time in the website and try to update windows some software are blocking to the operating system and check your settings in your firewall make it in medium security.

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I cannot open this !!


That also happens to me when I open an HTML document with Windows Internet Explorer that’s why I no longer use it. I prefer using Opera and Mozilla Firefox. But before shifting to these web browsers, try fixing first the errors. Windows Internet Explorer indicated an error in line 1 which points to the JavaScript file called “Quiz.js”.

If a JavaScript file is linked to your HTML document, check if the path is correct. If the path to the file is correct, check the coding inside the JavaScript file. Windows Internet Explorer triggers an “invalid character error” on that line. There is probably an incorrect command or a typographical error on one of the codes. Also, try checking line 57 on your HTML document.

Windows Internet Explorer triggers an “object expected” error on that line so it is possible that there is a missing value in the expression. If you didn’t find any problem on the HTML document, try opening the file on a different web browser like Opera, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Download Opera from Opera for Windows PC. For Mozilla Firefox, go to Firefox Free Download.

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