I am unable to open sites from IE.

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I am having a problem gaining access to the internet with IE. I am still unable to update AVG 8 for virus protection. I am still able to use internet via Google Chrome, but whenever I try the same with IE, I get the message saying “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet Site”. I do not know much about computer so can anyone please help me out. I am using Windows XP.


Windows Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer cannot open Internet site

Operation aborted

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I am unable to open sites from IE.


Following may be some reasons for the problem you are facing….

    1. There might be a virus or malware that might be causing damage to IE and unable to load any page.
    2. IE might not be installed correctly during windows installation, so causing the same problem.

So you can adopt following steps to resolve the issue.

1. Open IE

Tools Tab > Internet Options > Restore Advanced Settings > Reset IE Settings

Restart IE.

2. Run a virus scan to check if there is any problem caused by viruses.

3. Reinstall your Windows again from some good, high quality CD.

4. Uninstall the network adapter

Open device manager > Expand network adapter > Right click on your internet network adapter and uninstall

Reboot. If it does not work try it again and reinstall the driver. You may have to get new drivers from some website.

5. The problem might also occur from some old antivirus. If you install some antivirus and then uninstall it, it may cause malfunction to browser if it is not uninstalled completely. So make sure that if did this, and then remove the antivirus completely.

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I am unable to open sites from IE.


Hi Good day

This are my solution to your problem.

1.First suggestion clear your cache and try again reboot and try again.

2.Second suggestion,try to scan your computer with the use of your anti-virus because it's possible to be a malware who   to prevent opening a certain site and also check if some of your security  software or firewall is the blocking that site.

3.Try to look at your Host File it contains the IP mapping address to host names .It is situated  at the C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC. then open it with the notepad.Look if the site you want to open is mentioned there.

4.Open the internet option from the tools tab IE7.In the security choose "reset all zone to default level click the OK and restart the IE and try it.

5.Or reset the internet explorer setting open IE to tools to Internet Option to advance tab and click reset then close, Ok then restart IE

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I am unable to open sites from IE.


This problem doesn’t sound like a problem with your internet connection. This problem is probably a client side or a server side issue and it can happen when you want to open a website that’s running a JavaScript or a Google API script. Since the problem can be on different sides, here are several ways how you can check it.

If the problem is server side, it can happen when loading a page that’s calling a JavaScript within a page. If this is the case, you may add this tag to your script: defer=”defer”. It should look something like this:

<script defer=”defer” type=”text/javascript” src=”src goes here”>/*your code here*/</script>

You can also configure Microsoft Internet Explorer. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to “Tools” then “Internet Options”. Select “Security” tab then select “Internet” from the list of zones and then click “Custom level”.

Microsoft Internet Explorer select internet zone

In “Security Settings” dialog, look for “Active scripting” and “Scripting of Java applets”. Set both to “Disable” then click “OK”.

Microsoft Internet Explorer disable scripting

See if this fixes the problem.

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