I am unable to hibernate my system.

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Please someone, I am facing a problem with Hibernating my system. I am unable to access Hibernate feature. Every time I try so, through the “Power Management Control Panel” Windows spit following message….

“Power Policy Manager is unable to reserve hibernate. ”

“The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another application. ”

I am having Windows XP, 1.8 GB Processor, 512 Mb RAM and 40 GB Hard.

Help needed.

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I am unable to hibernate my system.


The problem you have specified may be caused by Kernel Mode Component, driver/service which is causing this. I, myself faced same problem once but that was caused by some program which must be completely uninstalled before, hibernation can be activated. You can try this, if it solves your problem.

1. If the system is using outdated device driver files then they may cause a problem in hibernation or standby mode. So make sure that you have installed the latest drivers.

2. If the system is having a VGA Driver or video drive that may not be compatible even then this can cause a problem to power management control panel. So try to have a look that you are installed with latest and compatible VGA drivers.

3. If your system is having an outdated hardware, this also causes the same power management problem. Now how to determine that system supports hibernation is that, older systems do not compliant ACPI.

4. Also avoid hibernation or standby when you are running certain applications like some kind of media player or CD burning application.

5. Also avoid hibernation or resuming hibernation when you have plugged in some USB device.

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I am unable to hibernate my system.


Hi Carroll,

It's actually easy to fix your problem, follow these steps:

1. Go to your C: Drive, open Tools, and select Folder Options.

2. Then, check the radio option Show hidden files and folders and make sure it's enabled.

3. Below is the tick option Hide protected operating system files(Recommended), make sure it's also enabled. Just reset them after few minutes when hibernation is already working.

4. Take a look at the window of your C: drive and find hiberfil file, the size of it is about 1gb. Then, remove the file. It's possible that hibernation system file has been separated from the text document where it's derived or text document link has been deleted. So you need to make another hibernate text document. And when windows will read it, another hiberfil.sys file will be produced.

5. Next is do a right-click on your C: drive. Select New and make another text document, naming it hiberfile.sys, then click Enter. The hiberfil text document and the file hiberfil should be there. If it's not there, then exit the C:drive and open it again.  Still, if it doesn't show then do a reboot or do the process all over again, remove and create new text document.

6. Lastly, open-up Start menu, click Settings, then Control Panel, select Power Options, and then enable hibernation.


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I am unable to hibernate my system.


Hello Dear,

Thanks for asking us.

Dear this is a very nice feature in windows XP and in all later windows that we can hibernate our system.

But this hibernation is not enabled by default when we install new windows. We have to enable the hibernate options.

I hope you have not enabled this option.

Right click on desktop and choose properties.

In properties window, choose screen saver. Then you will see a Power button in front of Energy Star logo down to screen saver.

Press this button, it will open the power options. Click on hibernate tab and click on the "Enable Hibernation" check box. It will require 400+MB space to enable the hibernation.

Now you can do so.


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