I am having the same problem but with an extra additional twist

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I have installed CorelDraw on my system and today I just tried to open the existing file but the following error message appeared on the screen as you can see this below. How can I resolve this issue? Please help me with proper solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Document Publishing Services Booklet cdr

Error reading a bitmap in file /watermelon/homedirs/nanci/My

Document/Publishing Services Booklet.cdr.

Click ABORT if you do not wish to open the file.

Click RETRY if you wish to continue opening the file.

Click RETRY IGNORE if you wish to open the file without further error messages.

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I am having the same problem but with an extra additional twist



Here I post one link for assisting you in order to fix that problem with CorelDraw.

Firstly, power on your computer in clean boot. The purpose is to check if any third party program cause the problem.

Refer the following link to configure your computer to clean boot.

There is an option, how to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting with clean boot, you should refer to that. There is more information to reset the computer to start as normal after toubleshooting.

There is another method. That is you should see there for backup. You might find the backup file with name that you have named it before. Copy that file and drag it to a new file. From there, you can identify that backup file can be opened or not.




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