I am getting Runtime Error

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I have G15 and a G35.Both are using Win7 64 bit. LGS version 8.01 (lgs801_x64.exe)is installed and I get a runtime error even when the program launches.

Many times I have tried reinstalling. I always get same results, either runtime error or doesn’t seem to launch (no tray icon).



Runtime Error!

Program:C:program FilesLogitech Gaming SoftwareLcore.exe

This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Please contact the application's support team for more information.

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I am getting Runtime Error



To solve this problem you have to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ software in your computer. Which could have been an issue in your previous installation
1. This link contains a runtime error file, which you can download by clicking on it:
2. Can you tell me when you save your document does your code run or not? Can it be possible to debug that code? Can you recognize the error statement?
Is the extension written in VC++? The crash could be caused because of an wrong extension usage? VSTO runtime could seem to be the cause of the error. Does your Word have other Addins on your Dev system installed? If you have, then its best to try disabling them.
3. COM Add-in may cause this error message that's misbehaving (poor error-handling, perhaps). I think you have some item installed for Office/Word, which is not available for other machines.
To go to Safe mode you need to press Ctrl-key to start your Word, after that open VSTO solution through a client machine instead of VS debug. If they are behaving as usual, then it will be clear that here is a definite conflict between a COM add-in. We can't load COM Add-ins in Safe Mode.
Alternatively, you can test it by uninstalling or disabling all COM Add-ins for Word/Office.
Could it be possible that Normal.dot is running from the older session and was not removed? When you start word go to Tools > Customize > Toolbars is listed? If it already removed, then check your solution again is it be created in Normal.dot?


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I am getting Runtime Error


Since you are using an old version of Logitech gaming software, try updating to the latest version for your operating system. Head down to the Logitech Gaming Software download page. The page should detect your operating system automatically and will provide you with the correct version for your platform.

If the page shows a different version, like in my case I have 64-bit Windows 7 but the page showed me the 32-bit version, just download from the following:

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