Huawei modem dashboard edge signal

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I'm using a Huawei E153 modem and upon checking the dashboard, the only signal that I am getting is EDGE, is it good?

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Huawei modem dashboard edge signal

Howdy Megan,
That is not good especially if you do a lot of browsing online or stream some videos. Having that signal takes a lot of time loading up a website. Although, EDGE is around 3-4 times higher than GPRS but still not good enough for downloading . Much better if you have these two signal WCDMA or HSDPA. Overtime HSDPA increases data speed so it is more efficient.
Here are three signals that you can possibly get out from HUAWEI E153:
Full Bar Signal
1. GPRS- average speed 5kbps~30kbps (up to 44+kbps)
2.  EDGE – average speed  30kbps~70kbps (up to 200+kbps)
3. WCDMA – average speed 100kbps~1mbps (up 1.5+mbps)
4. HSDPA – average speed 300kbps~1.5mbps (up to 2.5+mps)
You can get WCDMA and HSDPA if there are sites that supports these signal in your location. Obstructions like trees, buildings, weather condition are factors to be considered. 
Better yet, good thing is you can get a signal. 🙂
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Huawei modem dashboard edge signal


No its not good because EDGE signal is for smartphones, you should be getting the HSDPA more than the EDGE, but i don't see any problems of you getting the EDGE signal on your modem, but it should be HSDPA signal so that you can transfer your data on the internet and you can browse and use your internet connection on the go.

The Huawei E153 HSDPA or High Speed Downlink Packet Access is n ultra slim USB modem its plug and play, you don't need to install any additional software or drivers, it is very ideal for someone who needs to transfer his data on the internet on fast speed. It support windows 2000,XP, vista and even mac operating system.

Try to plug and unplug your modem and find the proper location on which you can get the HSDPA signal accurately and clear, you look for the strongest signal for your modem, it can be outside your house or in the second floor.

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