HTML Parsing Error KB927917 issue

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I suddenly can't access my Gmail account on Google.

But I can still access Google webpage.

I am encountering an error like this;

HTML Parsing Error: Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed (KB927917) Windows Internet Explorer Errors on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly To see this message in the future, double-click the warning icon on the status bar. HTML Parsing Error: Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed (KB927917)  Code:0 URI: Always show this message for webpage errors 

I am using Internet Explorer 8 as my default browser. I go to tools and clicked Internet Options, on the General tab. I cleared all the browsing history. Under Security Tab, I clicked on reset all zones to default level button. I cleared all the Temp and caches.

But none seems to help.

I can very well access all other sites except for my Gmail. I don't want an upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 because of negative feedbacks from other users. When I open my Gmail, I will receive a blank page then the error will be present. I'm using IE8 on my Windows 7 Ultimate. I googled the error and found a common error with other users but they usually encountered this with using Joomla. On another site, they are talking about disabling scripts or add my Gmail to restricted sites but they don't offer the full content of the answer unless you will register with their site. If anyone knows how to properly fix this, please let me know.


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HTML Parsing Error KB927917 issue



The first and easily method to solve the problem is to download the latest version of the internet explorer and then install it will solve your problem.

  • If the problem will not solve then try this:
  • First of all open the internet explorer.
  • After opening select the compatibility view which is near the address bar.
  • After clicking the website will be compatibility list.
  • The compatibility list will be appear as open internet explorer and click on the compatibility view.
  • Then your problem should be solved.
  • But I suggest you to install the latest version of internet explorer it should solve the problem.

Thank You.

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HTML Parsing Error KB927917 issue


Hey Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

What I did is to reset the internet settings then run it on my computer.

It worked.


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HTML Parsing Error KB927917 issue


No wonder you are having this error. I first wonder what the error’s possible cause and after I saw that the dialog box is from Microsoft Internet Explorer then I knew what the cause is.

Errors of this sort and sometimes associated with JavaScript errors are very rampant when using Microsoft Internet Explorer any of its versions. There is actually no solution to this because the problem is directly generated from the website it is accessing.

Like in the parsing error you received, the problem is not with your web browser nor can be found in your computer.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is having a hard time processing the instructions contained in the HTML file it is opening. You can always prevent this kind of problem simply by avoiding using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Alternatively, use other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, and others to access the internet and also to access your Gmail account.

This is the easiest way of going around the problem.

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