HTC Magic with Open Eclair Factory reset doesn’t work?

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I'm using an HTC Magic that runs with Android OS. It has OpenEclair. The problem is I need to reset the phone since I bought it second hand from a friend. And all his information is still there including his Google account. So in order for me to download from the Google Play, I need to use my own account. But I was unable to reset it. It won't work. 

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HTC Magic with Open Eclair Factory reset doesn’t work?


Dear alisd,

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You didn't do a factory reset, but probably a soft reset. To perform a factory reset from the Home screen, press Menu > Settings > SD card & phone storage > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything. That should take you back to square one. Reply back with a comment if not.

Update: Boot into the bootloader: Completely power off the device. Then, hold down the Back button and press the Power/End Call button to restart your phone. Keep the back button held down till the bootloader menu appears. From here, do you have an option to wipe, reset, or factory reset (or something along those lines)? If so, try it.

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HTC Magic with Open Eclair Factory reset doesn’t work?




There is a simple way reset it. Means to factory reset. You have probably done a soft rest not factory reset. So here is the method to factory reset step by step from home screen.

1. Press menu

2. Settings

3. SD card and phone storage

4. Factory data reset

5. Reset Phone

6. Erase Everything

It will take you to square one. Boot the boot loader. Power off your phone Hold the back button and press power button your mobile will restart and keep the back button held down when your phone restart menu appears will be boot loader. Here you will have option factory reset or reset or something else just press factory reset.

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