HTC device technology android Phone

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International Trade Commission's ruling, in response to Apple Inc's latest patent lawsuit brought against HTC. 

The U.S. Customs office has reviewed and approved HTC devices for import into the U.S., as they are in compliance with the ITC's ruling," HTC said in a statement.

What makes HTC so high tech that Apple thinks those are threats?

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HTC device technology android Phone


Apple’s Iphone 4S and HTC One S are almost similar. They almost have the same features except for the Display where Apple has the high pixel density called the Retina Display.

That’s why Apple filed a complaint for patent infringement against HTC because when you look at the features that are being compared to like the Functionality, Interface, Performance, Messaging, Internet and Connectivity as well as the Camera, they are almost the same. But when we talk of cost, HTC One S is a bit cheaper compared to Apple’s Iphone 4S.

But as to the question whether who’s the most high tech of the two, the answer is, these two phones are very good and they perform very well.

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