HP Z800 Workstation consistently turns blue screen

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Please advise us on how to fix our HP Z800 workstation problem. After an hour of use it always turns to blue screen, then an error message of "can't detect Hard Disk" What we will do is just to restart the unit to be able to detect the Hard Disk. What could be the problem?

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HP Z800 Workstation consistently turns blue screen

This could be a warning that something wrong is going on with the hardrive.
I suggest first to check for the connections of the hardrive itself inside the workstation., mainly the connectors.
After that, try to perform a self test for the hardrive, this self test will check the hardrive physically inside automatically and will give you and idea of what could be happening.
To perform the test do this:
1. Turn off the workstation
2. Turn it on, and right after this  you will see "F10 set up" on the lower corner of the screen. Press F10 a couple of times.
3. If you have a message to select the language to, do it
4. There is a menu with five headings. You have to go to storage using the arrow keys
5. Select the DPS self test and choose the drive to test. You will get some information about the results of the test that you can check in the manual of your workstation. If there are too many errors maybe you will need to back up your data and replace the hard drive

Hope this helps


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