HP Scanning Software – Looking for Help

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I have used the HP diagnostic Utility 4.2. HPPDU and HPHNDU total successfully. 

But HPSDU stops working at the HP Twain Scan step and throw the following error:

HP Scan Diagnostic Utility 4.2


Unable to communicate with HP scanning software. Please verify that
it has been installed and is working properly. If this problem persists,
please shut down your application and try again.

If I make use of HP Setup.exe to un-fit all software and after that try to reinstall all HP software, then the scanning software will run very well. What is the reason?

I need to solve it.

Please help.

Thanks a lot.

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HP Scanning Software – Looking for Help


Hallo Dawn,

You are getting an error when using your HP Scanning Software because of the following reasons:

  • A network cable may be disconnected on the computer you are trying to configure the printer on. Check also to make sure that the printer is connected to the network so that the setup will work in the event that  you are configuring from a remote computer.
  • The software registry entries may be corrupt, and therefore you will need to install CCleaner on your computer and then repair all the problems with the registries on your computer. If the problem persists you may be forced to uninstall the HP Scanning Software that you have installed on your computer and then reinstall it again to fix any bugs it may be having.




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