HP printer command problem issue

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I have a hp printer deskjet 3744 very old model. I have been using this for almost five years. Recently i installed xp and when i started my computer, it works fine. But after sometime, when i command for print, its not responding. But if i restart my computer, the printer works fine automatically,This problem keeps on going. what should i do?


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HP printer command problem issue



Considering you have been using the printer for five years, problems that may occur is the total page count on your printer are over quota. This can be resolved by resettingyour printer.


How to reset the printer:
insert the cartridge that conditions are good
turn off the printer
press and hold the power button until the head moves, then release
if the cartridge is good, blink will be lost, the printer is able to be used

To perform a reset manually, you can use the steps below:
unplug the printer power cable
press and hold the "power on" and then reinstall the printer power cable
after the cable is attached, remove the "power on" and then set aside some time
press the "power on" like when you would turn on the printer as usual
you can use your printer now


The downside of the manual way is when the power cable unplugged / disconnected or power failure, then you must repeat the above procedure to use your printer again.

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