HP Photo Publisher Shows Error

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I would like to know more about the HP Photo Publisher with regards to adding photos to an existing album. I have been getting an error as shown in the image below. I have tried restarting but no luck yet.

HP Photo Publisher

An Error Occurred.

An error occurred that prevents you from going any further. Either go back and try to correct the error, or try to restart from the beginning.

Some errors occur because of problems with remote sites. Please try again later if you suspect the remote site is having issues.

Error Message: Forbidden

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HP Photo Publisher Shows Error


Hello Marco, sad to know about your error.

HP Photo Publisher makes you able to post photos from your Server to the photo sharing & social networking sites as well it has some limitations by site, for the free account.

Your problems arose because you are trying to upload photos to your Picasa account. This problem is occur because Picasa permits 500 photos in an album on their free account and 1 GB storage which you are not alert about that.

Now solution is firstly break your large album into smaller albums. Secondly clearing off some of your existing photos to build space for the images you wish to load. Thirdly go to the Picasa Website and purchase more storage space. That’s all.

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