HP inkjet printer cartage b-21 not working after re-filling.

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I am using HP inkjet printer. I used to refill my cartridge when it gets empty. Few days ago I brought a new cartridge and when it gets empty I filled it with ink using syringe but when I put it into printer and start printing it is not printing anything. Is there any particular time after which cartridge gets useless or is there any problem in print head? Is there any solution for this problem or not. Please suggest.

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HP inkjet printer cartage b-21 not working after re-filling.


If you have been refilling your printer’s ink for a long time and there’s no problem, check if you did something wrong when you refill the cartridge. This is my first time to hear a printer cartridge being refilled with ink using a syringe. Normally, an empty cartridge is brought to an ink refilling station or shop for ink refilling.

But problem is, not all printers accept refilled ink cartridges. Sometimes, especially brand new printers, only accepts brand new ink cartridges which is a little expensive compared to refilled ones. But in your case, if you’re doing this for a long time and it is working, remove the cartridge from the printer and then check the ink level.

Also check the connector of the cartridge if there is no ink on the surface. Wipe the connector to make sure it is clean and then connect it again to the printer and try a test print. If nothing happens, try calibrating the printer again or maybe install a different cartridge.

If still nothing happened, maybe you should bring the cartridge to an ink refilling station so they can check what went wrong. They will try to empty it and refill it again with ink.

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