HP CB350 Digital Camera USB Error

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I just had this problem with my HP Digital Camera CB350, I used to use this before without the software and read/transfer files using the USB cord through to the PC. But now it's so weird because Kaspersky detects it and scan but when I navigate the drive in the "Computer" I don't see any removable drive.

I already tried Memory Reader but it does nothing! I looked in the Device Manager for the Drive F: and it works properly. I tried using the "Camera Mode", there I see the disk but when I copy some files, it says "USB Error" in the Digi Cam Screen. I have not tried yet touching Universal Serial Bus Controller, though I see some site that advices to uninstall it and restart then re-install?
And I don't have any ideas on how am I going to re-install it. 
Any ideas please on how to fix this?
Suggestions and advices will be appreciated.
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HP CB350 Digital Camera USB Error

Hello There,
I have here solutions for your problem.
Solve a USB error is to follow the steps below to remove and reinstall all USB controllers.
Click on Start
Right Click on My Computer,
Click on Properties
Click on the Hardware tab
Click the Device Manager button.
Expand the Universal Serial Bus controller then right-click every device under the Universal Serial Bus controllers node.
Click Uninstall to remove them.
Restart the computer. It will automatically reinstall the USB controllers.
Then plug the removable USB storage device.
*Check the USB device.
Right click my computer, select manager.
Click Device manager.
If there is a device with a yellow exclamation mark into Universal Serial Bus controllers .
Right click on the yellow exclamation and click install.
Restart your computer.
Virus can be the cause of that problem. Virus can affect some hardware. All you have to do is to scan your system using the updated anti-virus. And make sure to update it first before you proceed to scan your system. Update the anti-virus regularly.
*Allow the computer to turn off.
Follow the steps:
Do the same steps for each USB Root Hub in the list.
Right click My Computer
Click Manage then the Device Manager window opens.
Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers and right click the USB Root Hub then select Properties.
In USB Root Hub Properties dialog box click the Power Management tab.
Check the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box then click OK.
On the Action menu, click scan for hardware changes.
Close the Device Manager window and restart your laptop to recognize the new device.
*Check all the USB ports.
Switch the USB connector to other USB port to check some of it doesn't work or just the other one.
*Add New Hardware Option.
You can try the "Install New Hardware" option to help the operating system recognize the peripheral device. Before you perform this action make sure the device is connected to your PC. Click on "Start" on your main toolbar and then choose "Control Panel" from the menu. When the window opens click on "Add New Hardware" and allow the program to scan for the peripheral device. If it cannot find the device close the window and the reopen it and use the "Add Device Manually" option.
*One more thing to do is, try to check the USB port maybe it become loose. I also encountered that problem. I'm using my memory card reader and when I plugged in, it doesn't work out. So, I just unplugged and re-plug tightly, and then it works.
*Scan for Hardware Changes in Device Manager.
Use the Device Manager to scan for new and recently installed hardware.
Follow this steps:
Go to Start, then select the Run.
Type in Devmgmt. msc and then click OK.
Click the Action tab, then click Scan for hardware changes.
This will make Windows scan & recognize any new devices that are installed.
Close all opened device managers and control panels.
Now, restart your computer and see if your computer detects the USB device.
*Another methods is, do try to check your memory card/HP Digital Camera CB350 in other laptop computer of your friends. If it works, there is a problem of your USB port or on your motherboard.
*You need to update the USB Root Hub.
Go to Device Manager. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers, then right click all the USB Root Hub and select Update Driver.
This will automatically search the driver that needs to download. You must have access to the Internet.
Hope This solutions can resolve your problem.
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HP CB350 Digital Camera USB Error

Here are the steps to refresh/reinstall/uninstalling the USB ports on the computer.
The USB port needs to be refreshed to make sure that no other device has captured the USB port of the computer.(mouse, video camera, your external USB hard disk) what ever it may be.
Follow the steps given below to refresh USB ports.
1. Right-click My Computer icon on the desktop, and then select Properties.
2. Click the Hardware tab.
3. Click the Device Manager button.
4. Click the plus (+) sign to the left of Universal Serial Bus controllers.
5. Right-click the device listed under Universal Serial Bus controller and select Uninstall.
6. Click OK to confirm the removal of the device.
Please note, repeat Steps 5 and 6 until all the devices under Universal Serial Bus Controller are removed.
7. Shut down the computer.
CAUTION: Ensure that the Shut Down option is selected, instead of the Restart option.
8. Wait for 5 seconds and then restart the computer. When the computer restarts, a "Windows has detected new or added hardware" message window will open.
The above steps will refresh the USB ports.
Now connect the USB devices like mouse, video camera, your external USB hard disk. USB hubs. whatever you like and the drivers should install automatically.
Tip: It is always recommended connecting the main USB devices at the rear end USB port. As they require more power to initiate.

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