How the zoo concept can be used in setting the threshold

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In the biometric concepts and software installation process of computing, I came across a concept that was unfamiliar to me when I was installing the software in our company premises. It was the zoo concept. As I went on to research, I found out that it is a concept that can be applied in the entire process in the biometric setting of the computer machines and also be used in the settings. I wanted to find out how this zoo concept can be used in setting the variable matching threshold to enable me to fully install these applications in all the laptops and PCs at my disposal, via the security log-in machine.

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How the zoo concept can be used in setting the threshold


Hello Msonk,

I think the zoo concept is meant to ease the installation process so that instead of installing an individual application at a time, you can be able to get all the programs that you need to install and install them all at once. This will save you a lot of time that you will have used in installing a single application at a time, and also offer security of applications against being lost.

You will need an application for packaging all the applications into one and also installing them all, and ai guess there should be tutorials on how to do that online.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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